Some people believe in God and other people don't.

I got her to help.

Are airplane tickets expensive?

I'll slash your tires!

Seen from a distance, this mountain looks like Mt. Fuji.

The room seems awfully dark and spooky.

He commanded me to do it.

Kayvan did a pretty good job.

I can't sleep with all this racket going on.

Those are very big apples.

I suppose Troy didn't make it.

I like all sorts of Asian foods, particularly Thai food.

I didn't see anyone eating.

Cecilia may not be aware of the danger.

I brought a picture of Jacob.

Why are you still awake?

He never found out the truth.


She smiled at me, whilst she sang.

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I turn over a page of the book.

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Why can't you leave me alone?

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There were few, if any, cases.

His report was truthful.

I'm glad you got a dog.

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The police managed to track down the owner of the car.

What do you find so interesting about this website?

Will I get superpowers too?

I didn't want him to see me like that.

Rathnakumar never had any intention of doing that.

The door suddenly swung open.

Ravindran didn't know what to do with all the money he'd found.

He was always as good as his word.

Do you live near here?

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I need all of it.

Olympic athletes tend to be physically attractive.

I have not the least interest in detective stories.

Many stars were shining in the heavens.

Let's invite them over for tea Sunday afternoon.

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Ira has a big appetite.

Why did you never want my picture?

Andreas didn't listen.

Toerless is excited about something.

He forgot his promise to go there.


What's the word?

He has something of the artist in him.

I'll never forget.

The children's laughs spread throughout the forest.

Renu claimed he had been captured by the enemy.

I can see the target.

I've told Pete exactly what I've told you.


What do you have against him?

Water changes into steam.

She was wrong.

I'll have somebody come get you.

He is a retired man who volunteers to entertain patients in hospitals.

She declared that she was not guilty.

I just wish Milo could be here.

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Who does that remind you of?

Fishing is the only thing Randell ever wants to do.

I don't understand how you can just sit there and not do anything.


They made a striking couple.


You should buy your wife some flowers and take her out to dinner.


The Titanic's lifeboats only had enough space to carry about half of those on board.


I've found out what's been happening.

Hugh is only a few centimeters taller than Norbert.

And he worked very hard for Mr Wood.

Vern has already left.

They told me it was a bomb.


My cousin is getting married tomorrow.

Ignoring the fact that the conditions were slightly different, the results of our experiment were identical with Robinson's.

I learned that from you.

Len dreams of the toilet when he has to go to the bathroom.

You should be feeling better soon.

I went to Bali in the summer.

Could you please play a tango?

I know this must be difficult for you.

The ice is solid enough for skating.

It hurts to even walk with my thigh muscles aching.

You must keep up a good relationship with your neighbors.

You didn't see what I saw.

Jon had to stay in the hospital for three weeks.

I'm ashamed of what I did.

You have plans, don't you?


This cloth is really smooth and silky.

You are my sunshine.

I talk to them more than you do.

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Is this diamond real?

She must be very busy.

The police verified the car's license plate.

Vick is currently living in Boston.

People blamed General Grant.

Ravindranath gives up too easily.

Was it scary?

The Nobel Foundation manages the assets, made available through the will, for the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace.

There is no one standard for beauty.

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We have much rain in summer but on the other hand we have little rain in winter.

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Spock went out to his car.


That sounds like him.

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The risk is too great.

On January 27, 1967, the cockpit of Apollo 1 caught fire during a practice countdown. United States astronauts Edward White II, Virgil Grissom, and Roger Chaffee died in the fire.

Do you want something bad to happen?

What did you have in mind?

The troops fought with Grant against the Confederates.

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Collin couldn't seem to find anything suitable to wear.

See you later, Marsh.

All of them were terrible.

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The whole world will be mobilized to stop them.


He sent me a letter of appreciation.

That is such a dumb idea.

Have you ever painted this house?

Young people like popular music.

Jos doesn't watch TV.

Hold on for a few minutes, will you?

Let's try and stay calm.

The crowd obstructed the police in the discharge of their duties.

What a lovely dress!

Don't be so suspicious.

First of all, I want you to tell me how did you get there.

I have decided to carry on the work.

The woman is drinking water now.


Life has been hard on him.


You have to accustom yourself to the crowded trains in Tokyo.

Rand tried to stay away from Melinda.

You have to make the right choice.

This information must not fall into enemy hands.

When I'm sitting in this chair, it's really comfortable.

I can try to keep Johan from hurting anyone.

Are you busy tomorrow morning?


We're going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain.

Happening in wartime, this would amount to disaster.

Shamim drank himself into a stupor when Norman walked out on him.

She said, "I owe it to him that I am popular."

Betty came last.

Bases loaded, two outs in the ninth inning.

Love John.

We do not forget.

I can't tie a very good knot.

Toufic leaned his cane against the chair.

Rod put on his sweater wrong side out.

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Is Yana a computer programmer?

You give me a headache.

I only met Kieran twice.

And this is my page.

Moe fixed my umbrella for me.

The registration deadline is tomorrow.

Himawan is old enough to travel by himself.

Rogue is in the driver's seat.

Vistlik is all mine.


Who made these?

We're going up into the mountains, so why don't you come with us?

Unfortunately, I'm now too busy.

It seemed too good to be true.

Judy is out to get me.

That would break the Prime Directive.

Hitoshi's the only one who laughs at Tony's corny jokes.


Bonnie has a tendency to ramble.


Ravindran doesn't have that problem.

Apart from her, everybody answered the question.

Roads are blocked.


Could you please tell Celia that I need to see him?

Sehyo is a big shot in Hollywood.

Where do you buy clothes?

Henry is an ex-convict.

He called you.


Shaw wishes he could speak French as well as he speaks English.

Donnie left his umbrella in the classroom.

It's quite painless.